Monday, August 26, 2013

Social Media in the Healthcare Industry

Most people use social media to connect with friends, share photos, experiences and news. Some of those experiences now include a visit to the doctor’s office. People can converse about a quick and easy trip to the hospital, share before and after photos, or complain about a costly procedure.
Hospitals are becoming more aware of this and are trying to capitalize on feedback from social media. As hospitals look to parents via questionnaires and surveys to improve healthcare services, parents and patients become virtual advisers online; leaving healthcare professionals to “cast a wider net” to capture feedback.

This article highlights the exact idea which Interstack surrounds itself. We help businesses in the healthcare industry monitor social media and capture feedback via smartphones.  Share Your Experience, our customized comment cards, have helped our customers leave feedback from any location, via email or anonymously, in order to leave an honest response about their experience. This data is transferred to our repository where we are able to manage vast amounts of feedback, via customized comment cards and social media, and share it with our customers in an organized fashion.

Here you can view a sample comment card we came up with for the healthcare industry, which can be customized for specific locations.

More Hospitals Use Social Media to Gather Feedback from Patients' Families

Hospitals are turning to Facebook,Twitter and other forms of social media to recruit patients and their families as advisers. They are asking parents for input, via questionnaires and surveys, on improvements in care, new services and even new facility names... Continue Reading

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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Small Data Vs Big Data

We keep hearing this over and over again, “Big data. Big data Big data.” The buzzword of the moment is what’s supposed to be able to capture information in order to make data driven business decisions. There is no doubt that big data will change the direction and efficiency of a business. However, in startup land, it’s small data that we deal with- first. 
This article compliments the idea we have of our business at Interstack. Filelytics, our repository, retrieval and analytics database is our big data component; while our small data component, Share Your Experience, retrieves information one comment card at a time. 

Why Small Data May Be Bigger Than Big Data

In start-up land, the hot buzzword is Big Data--those massive data sets that can't be handled with traditional database tools. The promise is that businesses can capture, curate, and synthesize big data to enable personalization in e-commerce, smarter business decisions, and greater efficiency.In the world of local businesses, we're not talking about big data. Instead we're dealing with Small Data... Continue reading

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Friday, August 2, 2013

A little more on Small Data

Here's the second part of last week's article But what about Small Data?

What do we mean by Small Data?

Earlier this week we published the first in a series of posts on small data: "Forget Big Data, Small Data Is The Real Revolution". In this second in the series, we discuss small data in more detail providing a rough definition and drawing parallels with the history of computers and software.

What do we mean by "small data"? Let's define it crudely as:

"Small data is the amount of data you can conveniently store and process on a single machine, and in particular, a high-end laptop or server"... Continue reading

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