Sunday, August 11, 2013

Small Data Vs Big Data

We keep hearing this over and over again, “Big data. Big data Big data.” The buzzword of the moment is what’s supposed to be able to capture information in order to make data driven business decisions. There is no doubt that big data will change the direction and efficiency of a business. However, in startup land, it’s small data that we deal with- first. 
This article compliments the idea we have of our business at Interstack. Filelytics, our repository, retrieval and analytics database is our big data component; while our small data component, Share Your Experience, retrieves information one comment card at a time. 

Why Small Data May Be Bigger Than Big Data

In start-up land, the hot buzzword is Big Data--those massive data sets that can't be handled with traditional database tools. The promise is that businesses can capture, curate, and synthesize big data to enable personalization in e-commerce, smarter business decisions, and greater efficiency.In the world of local businesses, we're not talking about big data. Instead we're dealing with Small Data... Continue reading

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