Friday, September 20, 2013

Think Big Data is All Hype? You’re Not Alone

When new technologies take float, many people are ready to jump on board and call it the next big thing. Thus leading to an all-out craze in conversation about it until it is ready to drop dead. That craze is necessary to get it off the ground, and it’s what the market research firm, Gartner, is calling the “Hype Cycle”. As with any hype, Big Data, may have already reached its peak. How many articles or headlines contain the phrase “Big Data”? Have you had an immaterial meeting about your Big Data strategy and how it’s going to take you to the next level? And what does Big Data even mean?
I’m not one for catch-phrases or buzzwords of the moment. Call me a marketing “ninja” or a “rockstar” and I will ever so gently toss my throwing star at you.
If Big Data means that deep within the data of businesses are analytics to success, then what is the formula to extract it? Big data is everywhere- but how do you know what to do with it?
This article mentions to watch for companies selling and servicing Hadoop, the open-source computing environment that breaks Big Data problems down to manageable sizes.

This is one of our most notable services at Interstack. Via Filelytics, our repository, we are able to extrapolate data from thousands of Twitter users, Facebook accounts and our customized comment cards, cleverly titled, Share Your Experience. Within the thousands of tweets and comments, we are able to help our customers analyze the Big Data we have in our system by starting out with smaller data- customized comment cards. 

Think Big Data is All Hype? You’re Not Alone

When a phrase enters the tech industry lexicon in a big way, and has a good way of crystallizing a seemingly overarching trend, it’s usually not long before the very same phrase becomes a victim of its own overuse and is dismissed as “all hype.”
The phenomenon is common enough that the market research firm Gartner has a phrase and an official annual report summarizing it. It’s called the Hype Cycle... Continue reading

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