Monday, March 31, 2014

Non-Profit Organizations

Non- Profit Case Study

A registered non-profit is managing several yearly events to create awareness and receive donations for its causes. 
Although the overall economic impact to the community of a successful event can be measured in the millions of dollars, it is about more than just money – it will help the lives of those among us who need it the most. The organization pledges to end child hunger, keep youth sports safer, put our community back to work and put on display the dignity that is so proudly our tradition. 

1. Improve the donor feedback process
2. Increase the number of potential donors joining their loyalty program and mailing list
3. Increase sales and improve the visibility of events and their sponsors
4. Decrease the number of negative public comments on online review sites
5. Increase the audience of at-event donations and gauge more feedback from participants
6. Provide incentives for increased sales to potential sponsors
7. Manage information and metrics to measure customer satisfaction and brand reputation

The Results

1. Increased donations and pledges by 15%
2. 95% increase in real-time feedback
3. Identified top 10 trends associated with the event
4. Improve by over 20% the number of people signing up for mailing list.
5. Reduce negative comments and online reviews by 60%

The Loyal Channel Solution- What We Did 

The Loyal Channel comprehensive solution, helped to capture the data needed to analyze and help the organization understand donor and participant issues and respond to their needs in real-time. Via strategically placed displays and media advertising, donors or participants were encouraged to pledge, locate the Non-Profit’s newest event, purchase raffle tickets or leave detailed written feedback using the SYE digital comment card using their smartphone. All responses are received instantly so any problems and issues can be resolved. All feedback is then transferred to the Loyal Channel Social Sentiment Dashboard. 

Loyal Channel’s Social Sentiment Dashboard helped the organization monitor and analyze written feedback from the SYE digital comment card, as well as, social media comments about the events and organizations. The solution helped the Non-Profit analyze information and metrics to identify trends, communicate with participants and manage brand reputation. 

Interaction and feedback has greatly increased, the mailing list has grown and they have been able to quickly respond to comments, preferences and trends. Loyal Channel’s data analysis and reporting capabilities have provided information that will allow them to improve their program for next year’s events. 

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