Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Increasing Diner Satisfaction

Restaurant Case Study

89% of consumers have stopped doing business with a
company after experiencing poor customer service.

From a 24 seat restaurant in 1974 to a collection of 35 locations, a leading national chain now employs more than 1,400 people, and serves over 400,000 customers each month. Management needed a more effective way to interact with their customers and learn about issues. They needed to grasp what their customers were looking for and wanted, with the goal to identify and quickly respond to trends and preferences.

1. Increase the number of same-visit specials and promotions
2. Improve the customer feedback process
3. Increase the number of customers joining their loyalty program and mailing list
4. Improve customer retention and customer satisfaction to increase visit frequency

The Results

1. Increased over 8% sales of appetizers, desserts, drinks and special promotions
2. 100% of comments are now received same day of visit allowing quick response to customer issues
3. 54% increase in customers joining the existing Loyalty Program
4. Key locations receive 83% more direct feedback compare to Yelp during the same time span, with over 35% increase in positive feedback

The Share Your Experience Solution- What We Did

The Share Your Experience (SYE) solution helped all locations to start capturing the data needed to analyze and help management understand and respond to customer needs. Via strategically placed in-store displays to increase interaction, diners were encouraged to leave detailed written feedback using the SYE digital comment card using their smartphone. All responses are received instantly by management during the restaurant visit so any problems and issues can be resolved.
Using the SYE instant digital coupon, diners gained access to in-store promotional coupons and sales on specialty items. The restaurant could require the diner to join the loyalty program or mailing list to receive the discount. Advertisements in newspapers and supplements provide the option to customers to either cut the coupon or to simply save them on their smartphone to be redeemed at any location.
Company management was able to monitor and analyze in real-time customer service in all restaurants as well as review company reputation and customer sentiment across social media platforms such as Twitter via the SYE Social Sentiment Dashboard.

To deploy a free trial solution in your restaurants to improve your customer service and sentiment, contact us at:

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