Monday, April 21, 2014

Regional Hotel Chain

By Blair Heckel

Hospitality Case Study

A regional chain with nine locations offers premier level hospitality and award-winning style in the heart of downtown on the West Coast. The boutique hotels provide luxury services and amenities. Management needed a more effective means of interacting with their customers, learning about customers’ needs and wants, with the goal to identify and quickly respond to trends and preferences. Additionally, there was a need to: 

1) Improve the customer feedback process
2) Improve customer retention and satisfaction
3) Become more effective with their same-visit specials and
4) Increase the number of customers joining their Loyalty Club and mailing list
5) Maximize sales of hotel services, (spa, tours,) and restaurant visits (appetizers,     drinks and desserts)

The Results

As a result of using SYE solutions, management has been able to:
1) 54% increase in the number of customers joining the existing Loyalty Program
2) Over 36% improvement in direct feedback and customer interaction
3) 95% of comments are now received during the same-visit, allowing for quick response to customer issues
4) Reduced over 59% yelp and trip-advisor reviews.
5) Saved over 20% on support costs.

The Share Your Experience Solution- What We Did

Share Your Experience (SYE) comprehensive solution, helped all locations to start capturing the data needed to analyze and help management understand their customers’ demands to focus on resolving their issues. Via strategically placed in-location displays, customers were encouraged to leave open text feedback using SYE digital comment cards, via their smartphone. This allows customers to express themselves and respond in their own words about their experience and comment on their wants and make recommendations. All responses are received instantly by management during the same visit.
Using the SYE instant digital coupon, visitors gained access to on-property coupons on promotions or sales on specialty items. SYE’s instant digital coupon can be saved on customer’s smartphone and redeemed on-site. Customers were able to join quickly and easily to be on the mailing list during their visit with the incentive of receiving an instant redeemable coupon for joining
Company management is now able to view customers’ feedback and social media about their location daily, via our Social Sentiment Dashboard. Interaction and feedback has greatly increased, the mailing list has grown and they have been able to quickly respond to comments, preferences and trends. The dashboard’s data analysis and reporting capabilities have provided information that will allow them to improve customer satisfaction and sales.

To deploy a free trial solution in your hotel to improve your customer service and sentiment, contact us at: or +1 (206) 826 2216 - Customer Experience Management Solutions

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