Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What We All Really Want

By Blair Heckel and Justin Lakin

A recent article called, “What Unhappy Customers Want”, published by the MIT Sloan Management Review, caught our attention here at Interstack and we wanted to share some of our insights with you. What grabbed our attention most was the tagline, “Companies have tried for decades to improve customer complaint resolution- without notable success. A new approach is needed.”

As you all know, or for anyone who reads this blog, Interstack’s products and solutions are all about customer experience. Our solutions, which I will explain in a minute, teach management exactly what unhappy customers want. Here is a summary of our solutions (think of it like a flow chart) – actually, now I've got an idea to create a flow chart and publish it on here in the future!

Share Your Experience (SYE) is like the face of Interstack. It is at the forefront of all our products and actually has helped customers understand why we’ve created a line of products to establish what customers want by giving them instant feedback.

Via strategically placed in-location displays to increase interaction, customers are encouraged to leave detailed written feedback through their smartphone. All feedback is received instantly by management so any problems and issues can be resolved on the spot. Customers have the option to leave their contact information, in which case, they may be privy to an SYE instant digital coupon, which allows them access to promotional coupons and sales in addition to the option of joining the company’s loyalty program and mailing list.

Company management is able to monitor and analyze in real-time customer experience, as well as, review company reputation and customer sentiment across all social media platforms via the Loyal Channel social sentiment dashboard.

Loyal Channel is Interstack’s social sentiment dashboard that captures instant feedback from smartphone branded comment cards and surveys, as well as, aggregate feedback from social media. All of this real-time data may be downloaded into a spreadsheet for further analysis.

This solution helps management track, measure and gather key insights into their businesses, employees, competition, industry and current trends. We offer vocabulary and sentiment refinement, in order to assist customers in understanding the perception of all the verticals stated above as well as live conversations.

The dashboard also allows customers to set up email alerts and reports. Our clients may select the frequency and type of alerts or reports they wish to receive. Clients can also establish campaigns and rewards program. By creating campaigns or rewards programs, management can incentivize their customers to visit again or simply to engage in order to keep building and managing their reputation and brand.

Why use our tools?

Organizations compete for customers, donors, members, patients or sponsors. Understanding feedback and taking action is crucial for an organization’s long-term success. Our customers who use our solutions have seen an improvement in their customer’s experience, as well as, improvement in patient safety, an increase in sales on promotional items, a decrease of negative comments on online review sites, and an increase in customers signing up for loyalty programs and email alerts.

The benefits our solutions offer:

  • Increase brand equity through integration of smartphone, tablet and online cross promotion activity
  • Manage information and metrics to measure customer satisfaction and brand reputation
  • Increase email capture to further your outbound marketing reach
  • Easily integrate with your Services and Programs; we are a SaaS solution- no hardware or software to install
  • Promote operational success; quickly respond to operational inefficiencies

To deploy a free trial solution to improve your customer service and sentiment, contact us at: or +1 (206) 826 2216


  1. This sounds like a great tool to use in conjunction with CRM in order to get a better view of your customer support success. Especially for companies looking to harvest detailed data about their customers' experiences, this would be a great option.

    Of course, then the goal would be to set up a plan of action and act on the information that's received. Sounds great.

    Brad Hodson

  2. Thanks for following our blog. We appreciate the feedback.

    Your Filelytics Team