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Hashy Cities Index

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This is our latest Hashy Insider Report. This report analyzes hashtags and terms within Twitter pertaining to cities to get an understanding of the conversations surrounding the various needs of different cities, big and small. We chose to monitor the following hashtags and terms:
  1. “Local Improvement”
  2. “Playground Equipment”
  3. “Sex Offender”
  4. #propertytax
  5. Dangerous Dogs
  6. Dispensaries
  7. Property Tax
  8. Underground Utilities
  9. Water Treatments
Here is a breakdown of the top 50 words associated with these hashtags and terms to give you a better understanding of what conversations are happening around social media.  By showcasing a number of actual tweets using the terms and hashtags above, we hope to give insight into the direct conversations.
Bolded words are included in the top 50 word frequency, while numbers on the left correspond to the bolded hashtags.

1-3, 5, 7.) Arizona taxes had a prominent place on the list.
  • "Arizona May Impose Unusual New Tax On Customers Who Lease Solar Panels via @climateprogress"
  • "RT @thinkprogress: Arizona might put a weird, new tax on customers who make their own solar power…"
  • "#Arizona might put a weird, new tax on customers who make their own #solar power #renewables" 

4, 6.) A number of locations discuss marijuana dispensaries.
  • "Medical marijuana in Oregon: Ban, regulate, tax or do nothing on dispensaries, attorney tells city leaders"
  • "RT @AskPalmCoast: City of #FlaglerBeach to talk about medical marijuana dispensaries -- (via @jwheeler715)"
8.) This tweet correlates to a judge who was recused from a case involving a rape victim.
  • @zellieimani "She told the newspaper that the victim “wasn’t the victim she claimed to be” and said the defendant, “is not your typical sex offender."
9-11,13-16, 49.) The abbreviation PLS refers to a number of Retweets asking for help capturing sex offenders.
  • "RT @VancouverPD: High-risk sex offender Bradley MacCulloch wanted Canada-wide. Don't approach. Call 911. Pls RT http…"
  • "RT @7News: .@TauntonPolice are looking for level 3 sex offender James M. Bowen. DETAILS: PLS RT #7News…"
12.) This tweet chronicles a murder case in South Carolina.
  • "Neo-Nazis in SC admit to killing sex offender; say would've killed more"
17-18, 39.) These tweets refer to debates about juvenile sex offender registries.
  • "#Washington #News Pa. court takes up juvenile sex offender registry: HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) - Pennsylvania's hi..."
  • "Penn. considers whether requiring juveniles to register as sex offenders is cruel & unusual punishment - via @reason"
  • "Juvenile sex-offender registries are challenged - Washington Post"
19.) These tweets depict a sex offender escaping from a Canadian correctional facility
  • "Sex offender escapes Bowden correctional centre via @calgaryherald @rcmpgrcpolice any pics?"
  • "New from Alberta: Sex offender escapes Bowden correctional centre (Calgary Herald)"
  • "“@GlobalCalgary: Inmate escapes from Bowden Institution:” @sarahbessey22 There's a sex offender on the loose ! Yikes"
20.) Slap refers to applying income tax or property tax.
  • "Revenue Department to slap income tax on all types of property rents"
20-28, 33.) Slap also refers to a sex offender.
  • "RT @qikipedia: 1680s sex offender Whipping Tom would lift women's skirts, slap their bums, yell 'Spanko!' & flee (via QI podcast http://t.c…"
29-32.) An off-color tweet referring to the new haircut of Jonathan Greening.
  • "RT @jrhz23: Mad how one haircut changed Jonathan Greening from nice family man into Turkish sex offender"
34,47.) Several tweets involving the murder case in South Carolina.
  • "A man was put on the sex offender list for having consensual sex in highschool w/ a woman who is now his wife -->"
  • "Wow! White supremacist couple kiss& smile after sentencing for killing a sex offender's wife."
  • ""U.S. white supremacist couple kiss and grin as they're sentenced to life for killing sex offender and his wife" -"
35.) A variety of tweets using days to represent jail time, protests and an idiom
  • "RT @TanyaNews1130: UPDATE: Convicted sex offender "Swirl Face" is sentenced to three months in jail but only has 48 days left after credit …"
  • "Going to Fistral is a dangerous these days even the dogs have to wear hi vis #Newquay #danger…"
  • "Texas property tax deadline is June 2, due to May 31 being a weekend. 27 days to file a property tax protest. 16% increase is too much."
36, 42.) Tweets involving changes to San Diego’s policies regarding marijuana dispensaries
  • "New York Times-Style Title Case Headlines Are Confusing. | Couple Who Killed Sex Offender Act Out In Court"
  • "San Diego halts all actions against marijuana dispensaries - — At the order of newly elected Mayor Bob Filner,..."
37.) Tweets about dangerous people and dogs
  • "Public warned about potential sex offender after female jogger is followed via @cp24"
  • "RT @SeattleDogSpot: Fungus potentially dangerous to dogs, humans found in eastern Washington for first time #dogheal…"
38, 40-41, 44, 46.) Tweets pertaining to business advice and collegiate sports
  • "RT @BrendaLeeFree: If a business is profitable, the land is profitable, meaning more property tax funds #PaTourismSummit14 #TravelEffect"
  • "RT @NotJerryTipton: Kentucky beats Louisville again. Softball this time. Apparently the reason UofL's so profitable is because UK has to pa…"
43.) Tweets using large in terms of funding, quantity and alerts
  • "RT @jengerson: @cat_has_tongue In other words, your road network is largely funded by income, property and business taxes. Gas tax is margi…"
  • "Come check out our large assortment of playground equipment for ALL ages!"
  • "@GSDRofficial1 @Skythegsd its the same with every large...looked on as dangerous dogs...blame the DEED and maybe the OWNER not the BREED!!"
  • "RT @nealcarter: Escaped Convicted Sex Offender at Large in Baltimore City #Baltimore"
45.) An effective use of retweeting by one individual
  • "RT @Xoolun: My friend has admitted that he is a registered sex offender.”
48.) Tweets regarding possible land seizures
  • “Incom Tax Department to seized excess property of Ministers & others as declared in filed nomination election2014"
  • "RT @PoliceStateUSA_: Widow’s home seized because of unpaid $6.30 #propertytax late free”
50.) Tweets regarding laws and lawyers in various municipalities
  • "Find #Illinois dispensaries, doctors, lawyers, and more by phone with the Cannabis Clubs Hotline! Call (888) MMJ-0420 today!"
  • "Laws in various states that require sex offender registration if you're being HIV+ or doing sex work #lgbtcrimjust"
  • "Watch DPS v Doe, COA skeptical that SORNA overrides sex offender registration held unconstitutional under state law."
So there you go. I hope you can now recognize why listening to conversations via social media is important for helping your community and understanding the various needs troubling citizens.

Monitoring what’s being said about your city or town can help your government or organization create new policies or procedures to protect the welfare of your citizens and ultimately create a system for effective communication.

To gain more insight into the conversations surrounding your industry or to use our solution for a more in-depth analysis, contact us at for a demo of our solution.

To download a PDF of the report, click on the Download Cities_HashyReport_2014-05-07.

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