Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hashy Foodtruck Index

By Blair Heckel

Hi Everyone!

Today’s report reflects our findings from our Hashy Foodtruck Report. Yes, Foodtrucks! We analyzed data from and about Foodtrucks around Seattle, WA to compare different types of foods, which ones are the most popular, most active on social media, etc. Instead of using hashtags or terms, we decided that it would enhance our data to use those foodtruck’s social media accounts (twitter handles). This way, we are able to see how active they are and if they are mentioned in tweets outside of their own account.

You will see that we have pushed out a Hashy report from May 21, 2014 to May 27, 2014, but we also have a specific report that details the findings on one of the foodtruck terms we are tracking -- namely, @seattlefoodtrk. We wanted to display how Hashy can work to give you the information that you need for your industry.


Clearly, the first thing you notice is that the @seattlefoodtrk report is only a small percentage of the full foodtruck report, with only 36/2491 tweets coming from that specific account.

Looking at the top 10 words associated with these accounts, we can see that the only same words in each report are “today” and “come”. When we used the search tool in the Hashy dashboard we found that a lot of tweets are solicitations to “come today” for “lunch” while posting their locations, such as @theultimatemelt in Redmond, WA. These top 10 associated words will change depending on which specific reports you choose to create.


The majority of the tweets from the specific report provide a positive sentiment versus the full report. Another thing you’ll notice is that the majority of tweets are relevant to the foodtruck account, versus the full report which shows the tweets being majority irrelevant for all accounts combined. This tells us that there are some accounts which could be mentioned in tweets not having to do with foodtrucks, such as spam.


Again, like the top 10 associated words, the top 50 words will also be vastly different, as they pertain to only @seattlefoodtrk and not the total combined accounts or hashtags.


We created these two reports to show you the different components of Hashy and how you can customize reports to acquire the desired information you are looking for in your industry. If you want to track all terms combined or separate reports for each term, you can do that with just a few clicks. We hope this week’s report gives you a further look into the depth of what Hashy can provide for your market intelligence needs.

To gain more insight into the conversations surrounding your industry or to use our solution for a more in-depth analysis, contact us at for a demo of our solution.

To download a PDF of the report, click on the Download Foodtruck_HashyReport_2014-05-28.

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