Monday, June 9, 2014

Boutique Grocery Store

 By Blair Heckel 

Boutique Grocery Store

An award-winning grocery store with multiple locations throughout the region is one of the area's leading progressive and independent grocers. Their focus is to deliver unique products of the highest quality. Everything in the stores reflects their passion for food; from knowledgeable specialists in each department to appetizing recipes in their culinary kiosks. Management needed a more effective means of learning their customers’ needs with the goal to identify and quickly respond to trends and preferences (e.g., buy gluten free, organic, etc.).
Additionally, management needed a more effective means to:
  1. Become more effective with their in-store, same-visit specials and promotions.
  2. Increase the number of customers joining their mailing list
  3. Improve customer interaction, satisfaction and shopping convenience

The Results

As a result of using SYE solutions, management has been able to:
  1. Increase feedback resolution and customer interaction with 90% of comments being received during the in-store visit and same day, allowing for quick response to customer issues
  2. Identify the top 10 products that customers could not find in store
  3. Increase the number of customers signing up for their mailing list by 54%
  4. Decrease the number of negative public comments on online review sites by over 60%

The Share Your Experience Solution - What We Did

The Share Your Experience (SYE) solution helped all locations start capturing data and helped management understand and respond to their customers’ needs. Via strategically placed in-store signs, customers were encouraged to leave detailed written feedback using the SYE digital comment card through their smartphone. All responses are received instantly during the store visit. Customers also have the option to sign up quickly and easily to be on the mailing list, with the incentive of receiving an instant redeemable coupon for joining.

Using the SYE digital coupon, customers gained access to in-store coupons on promotions or specialty items. The coupon can be saved on the customer’s smartphone and redeemed in-store.  Ads can also be placed in newspapers and supplements, giving the option to customers to either cut the coupon or to simply save them on their smartphone to be redeemed at any location.

Notably, management was able to review company reputation and customer sentiment across social media platforms such as Twitter, and analyze, in real-time, twitter and social media comments about their store, products, industry and brands via the Loyal Channel Social Sentiment Dashboard.

To deploy a free trial solution in your grocery store to improve your customer service and sentiment, contact us at: or +1 (206) 826 2216.

To download a PDF of the study, click on the Download Boutique_Grocery_Store. - Customer Experience Management Solutions

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