Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hashy World Cup Index with Español, Deutsche and Italiano

 By Blair Heckel

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Today, we are going to discuss a world-wide event that is on everybody's mind: the World Cup! Everybody is excited to support their favorite teams and live-tweeting the games on social media, even creating a World Cup 2014 account on Twitter.

We decided we would utilize our hashtag analysis tool, Hashy, to track the hashtag #worldcup and identify the cultural differences and trends following this world-wide event.

Whether you're rooting for the US, Mexico, Germany or Italy, we can provide you data to analyze who else is rooting for your team, what they're saying, who they're talking about and in four different languages.

Yes! Four different languages! We have captured data on the World Cup, via Twitter, in English, Español, Deutsch, and Italiano!

So, the question is why? Who benefits from this information? Marketing departments, agencies, sports news, even fitness/athletic-wear companies that sponsor their athletes.

Here is a brief breakdown of each language's top 20 frequent words associated with the hashtag #worldcup.

As you can see, in the top 10 words associated with the hashtag #worldcup, there isn't a lot of variety within the tweets as to the context of the conversations. However, the further down the list to the top 20 to top 50 words, you can see the conversations diverge into cultural and national trends per language.

The top 20 words associated with #worldcup in English relate to Brazil, FIFA, rooting for your team, match/game today, Mexico, Spain, USSoccer and live.
In comparison, the Spanish tweets mention Brazil, MiSeleccionMX, Mundial, FCF, asthma, symptoms, and Argentina and their player Messi.

Here are some examples of tweets in English that come from all over the world:

And, here are some examples of tweets in Spanish from all over the world:

To gain more insight into the conversations surrounding your industry or to use our solution for a more in-depth analysis, contact us at for a demo of our solution.

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