Monday, June 16, 2014

Higher Education

By Blair Heckel 


A major University with academic departments that rank among the state’s most comprehensive public universities with students from all 50 states and more than 100 countries needed a more effective means of learning the perception students and staff felt about many on-campus issues with the goal to identify and quickly respond to feedback and improve the education experience.

For example, we were tasked to determine student and staff perceptions of the university on dimensions such as diversity, student development goals, leadership, shared governance, student opportunities, salary competitiveness, and departmental atmosphere.
Additionally, there was a need to:
  1. Become more effective with gathering same-visit feedback from parents during orientation and similar functions.
  2. Increase the number of alumni and potential donors to joining their mailing list. 
  3. Improve on campus student and staff interaction, satisfaction and participation.

The Results

As a result of using SYE solutions, the administration has being able to:
  1. Increase over 90% feedback and student interaction, which allows quick response to issues.
  2. Identify top 10 specific items and trends that students commented upon.
  3. Reduce over 55% the number of negative public comments on online review sites
  4. Monitor in real-time campus and student body reputation and sentiment.

The Loyal Channel Solution - What We Did

The { loyal channel } comprehensive solution allowed the capturing of data and helped the administration understand student and staff issues in order to focus on resolving their issues. Via strategically placed displays in the hub, dorms, sports events, bookstore and library, the students, staff and donors were encouraged to use Loyal Channel’s digital comment card, Share Your Experience (SYE), via smartphone to leave detailed written feedback. Administration also created surveys via the comment card to conduct instant real-time polls regarding current issues with immediate analysis. The surveys provide an incentive to join the mailing list quickly and easily.

Other areas of communication which were greatly improved were the strengthening of the existing real-time emergency and lockdown notification communication system, an increase in interaction and sales at the bookstore and sporting events and an increase in donations and pledges.

In addition, Loyal Channel’s Social Sentiment Dashboard helps the administration monitor and analyze sentiment in Twitter and social media comments about the University, classes and staff.

Interaction and feedback has greatly increased, the mailing list has grown and the administration have been able to quickly respond to comments, preferences and trends.

To download a PDF of the study, click on the Download Higher_Education_Study.

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