Monday, June 30, 2014

Social Selling for Lead Generation: Part II

By Blair Heckel

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Our last blog discussed the variety of ways to "sell yourself" on social media. Be pleasant and friendly, but not pushy. Maintain a constant presence. Don't fade into the background. And especially, don't spam.

Today, we will demonstrate, via tweets, just how effective social selling can be to your lead generation strategy.

First off, to demonstrate, Hashy, our hashtag analysis solution, can track hashtags from Twitter nearly 9 days back. When you add hashtags to the system, you are tracking all tweets with this hashtag around 9 days. This will hopefully give you an ample amount of data in order to find the best methods of communication to your "leads". You are able to start sifting through this data via our search tool in Hashy's dashboard. You can search for tweets by terms associated with the tracked hashtags, time period, sentiment, and even location as well as excluding Twitter handles and terms from your search.

Social media is a great way to incorporate a prospecting tool into your marketing strategy. For example, our clients at a local wine association utilize our tool to invite people to their upcoming events. By utilizing our search function, they can find tweets with the hashtags "wine" or "washington" and by locating with their GeoID who they should be responding to with an invite to their events.

Another way we found precisely how to find valuable leads (not just the noise) is by doing a search on cars. We began searching for the terms, "new and shopping", with the hashtag #cars.

We did a little research and found this perfect response to a valuable lead:

As you can see, while using our tool to find these terms, we identified a personal Twitter account of a woman who was about to go car shopping and the Twitter account of a business who let her know they could be of some help. This simple engagement via Twitter showed the power of being able to reach out to potential customers in real-time just by anticipating what they might need or want from a business. While I consider this technique of reaching out to be non-invasive, others might feel differently. You have to do what feels right for you, your company and your potential customers but we can help you start on that path.

If you want us to generate some leads for you, or to use our solution for a more in-depth analysis and lead generation, contact us at for a demo of our solution.

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