Thursday, July 17, 2014

Final Hashy World Cup Index

By Blair Heckel

Welcome back! Bienvenido! Bentornato! Willkommen zurück!

Here is our last little adventure with the World Cup via Hashy. Our hashtag analysis solution has tracked the hashtag #worldcup in four different languages during the duration of the World Cup to a couple days after the final match. We wanted to show you the power our solution has to discover conversations and trends through multiple languages in multiple countries in order to help your business with lead generation, representation management or any way you choose to use it.

With a world-wide phenomenon such as the World Cup, we knew millions of people would be tweeting about their favorite teams, their favorite players, the outcomes as well as feelings of excitement or loss.

I should mention that in this write-up, I broke down the top 100 most mentioned words throughout the report; however, I removed exact same words and only kept the one that was mentioned the most and kept similar words or words with different spellings to show the range and similarities throughout the different languages.

For example, Messi appears in English and Italian but I only kept the top mentions whereas Messi and TeamMessi are different terms but similar meanings.  You will also find the Top 50 for each language sprinkled throughout the report. 

Within these four different reports, you can find specific trends and terms that have meant the most to those who speak different languages. For instance, a lot of English tweets or retweets mention supporting, team, all in or join in as a collaborative support or pride for their country (or team if they aren't rooting for their country).

The top terms in English represent World, supporting, Germany, Argentina, England, joinin (hashtag campaign), Messi (forward for Argentina), Neymar (forward for Brazil), ussoccer, Suarez (striker for Uruguay), Mexico, Netherlands, MesutOzil1088, Belgium, Brasil, and USMNT.

The top terms in Italian represent Mondiali (world), tifo (supporting), Italia, Germania, finale, juventus fc (Italian football club), skymondiali (Italian cable service), azzurri or ForzaAzzurri (nickname for the Italian team), calcio (football/soccer), campo (field), and Balotelli (striker for Italy).

The top terms in Spanish represent Brazil, Mundial (world), apoyando (supporting), Argentina, All in, nothing, Final, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Messi (foward for Argentina), Shakira, AdidasAR, partido (party), Alemania (Germany), ahora (now), síntomas (symptoms), mañana (morning), and major (best).

The top terms in German represent FIFA, worldcup2014, Brazil, Germany, Deutschland, Müller (midfielder for Germany), Football, Neuer (goalkeeper for Germany), MundialBrasil2014, adidasfussball, Özil (midfielder for Germany), Lahm (defender for Germany), Robben (forward for Netherlands), Klose (forward for Germany), Kroos (midfielder for Germany), BRAGER (Brazil v. Germany), Gotze (midfielder for Germany), Schweinsteiger (midfielder for Germany), team, France, and Boateng (defender for Germany).

So there you go! Our final data on the World Cup.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Hashy World Cup Index and Germany

By Blair Heckel

Hey All! Welcome back to our blog!

For all those who are familiar with our blog and our hashtag analysis solution, Hashy, you know how we can analyze trends in real-time via social media.

We've been tracking the World Cup in English, Spanish (Español), Italian (Italiano) and German (Deutsch) since the first games, and we thought we might show you a timeline of the change in trends during the World Cup, in German.

We assume the majority of tweets will be referencing team Germany - who are now in the semi-finals.

(Sorry, Tim Howard!)

Here are the top 10 associated words immediately following the last three games played by Germany in the German language - we've translated some of the terms for you English followers as well, and you'll see some terms need no translation.

As you can see, the top 10 frequently associated words for the hashtag #worldcup in German is roughly the same after each game that Germany played on June 27th, July 1st and July 5th.

Within each of these three reports, the words FIFA, Brazil, Brazil2014, Brasil2014, World, and WorldCup2014 appear in the top 10 frequent words, with little variation. For the 27th, we see America mentioned then on the 1st, we see the country of Belgium show up and on the 5th, Neymar.

Where the variation in trends really presents itself is throughout the top 50 frequent words and even more so in the bottom 10.

On the 27th, we see trends such as Portuguese forward Christiano Ronaldo, Deutschland, Brazilian forward, Neymar, who was recently injured and out of the World Cup, soccer (the American term for football), German forward/midfielder Thomas Müller, and Uraguay (spammed tweets).

On the 1st, we see the trends soccer, Belgium vs USA, Deutschland Football Team, viertefinale (quarter final), as well as, team, full, interview and media.

On the 5th, the bottom 10 frequently associated words are ARGBEL - the hashtag #argbel stands for Argentina versus Belgium, Deutsch, piesportsbooze (a twitter account that has tweeted about multiple games), himself, another, Fussball (soccer), WC14, tauhid (the concept of monotheism in Islam, most likely found via a spammed tweet), a twitter account by the name of Klo9001, and Messi (Lionel Messi, the forward for Argentina).

As you can see, our hashtag analysis solution provided us with an in-depth interpretation of the conversations, trends, and movements within the World Cup via social media. You can now see the change in terms as they relate to the teams that are playing, notable team players, as well as, Twitter accounts that generated a lot of retweets. Eventually, you might get some spammy users, but they are few and far between.

The further you dive into our solution, the more information you will receive and the more valuable information will allow you to make better data-driven decisions.

Hopefully, you can now see the capabilities and significance of capturing data in order to analyze trends that are suitable for your industry.

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