Thursday, September 4, 2014

Social Selling for Lead Generation: Part III

By Blair Heckel

Hey All!

Thanks for checking in! This next blog continues on our talk of "social selling". I've mentioned in the past how maintaining a presence on social media is crucial to your marketing strategy, as well as, showcasing the way Interstack has found leads on twitter using our hashtag analysis solution, Hashy.

This time around, we want to discuss exactly how we are finding these leads. In our system, we've been tracking terms such as "I need leads", "customer acquisition", or "lead generation". Sure, lots of people preach about it through their company's
Twitter account or blog about the best way to do it (sort of like I am right now); but then, there is a silver lining that finds your saving grace through all of the bots and ad-spam where you truly find someone in need of leads. These leads can range anywhere from personal accounts to big businesses.

As an example, our previous blog highlighted an event where a personal Twitter account mentioned car shopping, while an auto company responded (in REAL-TIME) to that personal tweet.

Our system is designed to help you find leads while narrowing down your search to the perfect "would-be" customer. Designed to filter your search by keyword, date range, geo location, sentiment, language, profiles and hashtags, LeadSys will generate "alerts" anytime our system picks up a possible lead with terms you choose to monitor. Examples of terms to monitor can be: "switching carriers", "customer acquisition", “organic dog food”, "going for drinks", or "#teamhealth".

Here are some examples of "leads":

While generating leads may be a daunting task, our LeadSys solutions can help you find that silver lining so you can follow up and make contact via personal tweet or an automated response system.

If you want us to generate some leads for you, or to use our solution for a more in-depth analysis and lead generation, contact us at for a demo of our solution.

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