Thursday, May 14, 2015

Lead Generation Insights

By Blair Heckel

Hi Everyone!

It has been awhile since we last chatted! We over here at Interstack have been quietly working away, creating new products and tweaking our current ones to the likes of our customers.

One of the solutions we have been tweaking is our lead-generation product. We’ve talked about lead-generation in several of our other posts like Social Selling for Lead Generation: Part I, Part II, and Part III.  In the past, we went for it all! Anyone who mentioned X product was considered a lead. Well, that's not entirely accurate and we've learned to scale the solution down a bit through some trial and error. 

As we’ve seen in the social media sphere, people talk about products all the time because it's on their mind or a part of their conversation, but not necessarily what they need for themselves. For example, let’s say someone mentions a certain mobile phone company and they feel their contract with them sucks, but that the competitor is an even worse option. Before, our system would have picked that post up as a lead because "x company sucks".

However, we learned to do a more one-on-one analysis of the text and decipher the content and whether or not this person wants to know more about another type of mobile company. Our technology allows us to carefully curate responses in order to achieve a more personal interaction and genuine response for our clients. This sometimes requires a bit more discussion with our clients, but in the end, we feel we are giving better results for the extra effort.

As we’ve developed our lead-generation capabilities, we’ve found a few of our clients interested in finding discussions outside of just social media and into the broader realm of social reviews and networking. One of the products that we’ve started to develop, and will talk about in an upcoming post uses customer satisfaction scores from top review sites to provide insights and an overview of satisfaction and performance for different industries. We look forward to telling you all about this new product and hope you are as excited about it as we are here at Interstack!

Thanks from your Filelytics Team!

Your Filelytics Team


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