Friday, June 26, 2015

Introducing Metriq Labs!

By Blair Heckel

Hi Everyone!

Today is an exciting day! After months of talking with customers, hard work, and development, we finally get to introduce Interstack’s newest product - Metriq Labs.  It’s a patient satisfaction and review monitoring platform that transforms the complicated world of patient experience feedback into an easily understood satisfaction score and set of actionable insights.
What is Metriq Labs?

Metriq Labs generates patient satisfaction reports each month for Doctors, Clinics, and Hospitals based on public and private patient feedback. Healthcare providers receive performance reports complete with comprehensive insights, real-time alerts to patient experience issues, individual office/doctor performance metrics, and a patient satisfaction score based upon the top medical review sites combined with internal patient feedback.

Smart Patient Feedback Made Easy

Without relevant data about positive and negative patient experiences, physicians and hospitals can’t understand how best to respond to common patient issues. Whether it’s a provider not using a “courtesy knock” before entering, a physician displaying a poor bedside manner, or an unsuccessful surgery, doctors and hospitals do not currently have enough information to know what’s working and what isn’t. Metriq Labs analyzes the text of public reviews and private patient feedback in order to uncover trends and issues inside a practice.

Improving Patient Experience

It’s unfortunately all too common that patients are dissatisfied with their healthcare providers. Metriq Labs enables providers to objectively view the quality of their performance and improve their patient care and services. Metriq Labs’ direct digital patient feedback also allows providers to manage unhappy patients internally rather have those patients begin posting negative reviews on the internet.

The Affordable Care Act, Patient Satisfaction, and Revenue

The Affordable Care Act currently makes a portion of Medicare revenue for hospitals and large physician groups dependent on patient satisfaction reports. In the near future, that program will expand to smaller physician groups. Metriq Labs’ solution acquires, analyzes, and helps improve patient experience in order to exceed quality metrics used in the Value-Based Payment Modifier Program. In addition, this data can be used internally for the increasingly common healthcare compensation plans that integrate patient satisfaction into their frameworks.

Metriq Labs’ Benefits

Metriq Labs objectively measures patient experience at a health care provider through a low cost, pay-as-you-go service with no long-term commitment.
  • Increase quality of care
  • Reduce your risks
  • Attract the right personnel
  • Track performance history & trends
  • Compare results to national and local averages
  • On demand real-time alerts to negative feedback
  • Share or access your results and data instantly
If you want to learn more about Metriq Labs, go to or contact us at

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